Life Renewed

In 2013, Parkway Pantai launched its 'Life Renewed' campaign which funds medical treatment for needy patients in its home markets of Singapore and Malaysia. This corporate social responsibility initiative is made possible by the RM50 million Khazanah IHH Healthcare Fund established in 2011 at the launch of IHH Healthcare Berhad's initial public offering. The Fund also helps needy patients from IHH's Turkish subsidiary Acibadem.

Leveraging its network of hospitals and medical expertise, Parkway Pantai has helped close to 200 needy patients in Singapore and Malaysia through 'Life Renewed' as of December 2013. More information on 'Life Renewed' and the Khazanah IHH Healthcare Fund can be found at

Life Renewed @ Mount Elizabeth Hospital (2016 and 2017)

Mount Elizabeth Hospital has launched a S$1.2 million fund to fully sponsor financially needy Singaporeans who need cancer treatment. The first phase of the programme will utilise one-third of the funds to provide diagnosis, treatment and/or surgery for up to 120 women with breast cancer over the next two years, in partnership with Parkway Cancer Centre.

Life Renewed @ Parkway East (2014 to 2017)

Since 2015, Parkway East Hospital's total knee replacement programme has helped some 15 needy patients.

Life Renewed @ Parkway East (2015)

Born with an imperforate anus, 29-year-old M B Nesh finally gets a new chance at life, thanks to Parkway East Hospital's sponsorship of artificial sphincter surgery.

Strength For Life by Gleneagles Hospital (2015)

Gleneagles Singapore and Shape magazine co-organised Singapore's first-ever Gleneagles Strength for Life Skipping Rope Charity Challenge to promote women’s health and raise funds for free cataract surgeries for needy elderly. The event held at East Coast Park on 21 March attracted more than 250 women from all walks of life.

Life Renewed @ Gleneagles Hospital (2014)

In celebration of its 55th anniversary, Gleneagles Hospital will sponsor cataract treatment for 55 needy women from the pioneer generation of Singapore.

Life Renewed @ Mount Elizabeth Hospital (2014)

A total of 117 needy patients will receive free cataract surgery, as part of Mount Elizabeth Hospital's 'Run for Cover' campaign - Singapore's first 24-hour treadmill challenge held in June 2014.

‘Life Renewed’ endows a 11-month-old baby boy in Singapore with the gift of hearing.

Life Renewed @ Mount Elizabeth Novena (2013)

About 10 needy elderly in Singapore underwent fully sponsored knee replacement surgeries which helped them regain their mobility.

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