We believe that you are empowered to take the initiative to drive your own career. Taking charge of your career may mean more than progressing up the ladder. We value the importance of offering new challenges and ongoing skill development because life at work is a continuous learning journey. We provide an environment with several career options for you to craft out your own journey and build an inspiring and satisfying career. There are a few career development approaches you could take:

  1. Vertical move – progress upward to the next level with increased job scope and responsibilities.
  2. Lateral move – going to a job in another department or working in a different affiliate or taking up an international assignment.
  3. Job expansion – increase current scope of work through short-term assignments or projects.

Experience an inspiring and rewarding career that awaits you. This is a place where opportunities abound because we offer a wide variety of roles, responsibilities and functions within our organisation.

Explore our career website and search for various job vacancies within the organisation.